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Monday, January 28, 2019

Raped by my father!

For 17years I have always been the apple of his eye, and he, my night in shining armour who always kept me safe. Whenever he wrapped his arms around me, I’d melt into him and become the sweet little girl I once was, but what else would you expect, he is my daddy after all, and we share a very special relationship. You must be wondering where my mom is, my mom never really stays at home, she's always off on business trips and I'm the only daughter of my parents.

One of our favourite things to do together is to go see a movie on Sundays. We love to watch movies of any type, comedies, horror, sci-fi, romance; it really doesn’t matter, as long as we were together. On one particular Sunday, we went to see a comedy. It was a movie that daddy was really looking forward to seeing. We bought our usual treats at the candy counter with the exception of my soda. I usually got a small size, but on this particular day I was incredibly thirsty so I purchased a large instead. Well, that was a big mistake, for half way through the movie I had to pee. I leaned over and whispered into daddy’s ear.
– ‘Daddy, I need to use the toilet, will you come with me?’
– ‘What? I knew that large was too big for you. You are just going to have to sit there till the movie is over.’ His voice was very stern, I could tell he didn’t want his movie interrupted, but 20 minutes later, after squirming in my seat, I just couldn’t hold it anymore!
– ‘Daddy, please? I really have to go.’
– ‘No. I will not be disturbed again!’
He looked at me and I couldn’t say another word. But the pain was starting to get worse. I thought to myself, if I could just hold on a few more minutes, the movie would be over. I squeezed my legs together as tight as I could, holding my breath, hoping I would make it. I felt my bladder ready to pop, I squeezed and squeezed, but it was no use. That familiar warmth started seeping through, wetting myself, my panties, and my chair. A flush of embarrassment rushed through me. The movie was now over, and daddy turned to me as tears ran down my face.
– ‘Daddy, I had an accident.’

He was furious. He made us wait until everyone had left the theatre before we finally got up to leave. The drive home was an awful one. I had let him down. When we were finally through the front door, he told me to take off my dirty panties, put them in the wash, and then come straight to his bedroom for my punishment.
I did as I was told. Once in his room, I shut the door behind me, my head down, and walked over to where he sat on his bed, and lay down across the bed, ready to get what I deserved. He lifted up my skirt, exposing my bare bottom.

– ‘Daddy, please, I didn’t mean too!’
The loud smack against my left cheek made me beg more.
– ‘I’m so sorry daddy; I promise I won’t do it again!’
He spanked me harder. I could feel his handprints burn against my skin.
– ‘That’s right little girl, I’m going to make sure that you DON’T do that again!’
I felt his fingers slip between my a*s cheeks and down to my p**sy. He rubbed my p**sy hard, feeling how wet I had become from his sp*nking.
– ‘You dirty little sl*t, look what you did to daddy.’
He pulled me off of the bed, pulled down his pants, and exposed his throbbing hard c**k.

– ‘Get down on your knees and suck it!’
I obeyed him without delay, I was really scared cos my dad has never acted this way. I wrapped my mouth around his big mushroom head, licking the tip of it with my tongue.
– ‘I said S*CK IT!'
He grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed it down till I swallowed his entire size. I began to gag, wanting to stop, but that just seemed to make him f*ck my face harder. My little p**sy was screaming to be touched. A m*an escaped from me and vibrated against his cock.

*Few minutes later*
Daddy’s cock was pushing against my wet little hole. My p**sy started to spasm, my daddy’s big c*ck was stretching me open!
– ‘Daddy! Please don't do this, I'm sorry, I was saddened and in pain yet desperate to have him f*ck my h*le.
My body bucked harder as he f*cked me, his hands on my hips, pounding on my needy little p*ssy. I yelled louder as I felt his big c*ck pulsating inside me as he began to fill me with his c*m.
He slowly pulled his c*ck out of my dripping hole. But before I could take another breath, he shoved two fingers inside and stirred them around, mixing our c*m and p**st juice together.

– ‘Look at this sloppy little cunt. You haven’t learned anything yet, have you? I pleaded and cried, asking him to stop, right then, we both collapsed in exhaustion... I kept sobbing all through the night and I wouldn't talk to him. I couldn't sleep, wishing my mom would be the one at the door the next day, but she never came, she kept saying she was busy. A week later, my dad came begging, saying he was so sorry, with tears rolling down his cheeks.. He promised it won't happen again, I believed him. And right there, he started hugging me with sobs.. And he did it again

Hmmmmmm... Guys, what do you think would be the end of this touching confession? Would she continue to be her own father's sex slave? Drop your comments and find out in the next episode

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