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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Interview With Temitope Aladedahunsi PKA TemmyTee

PRESS: Good evening sir, can we meet you?
TEMITOPE: okay good evening gentle men of the press, am ALADEDAHUNSI TEMITOPE EMMANUEL, and am Popularly known as TEMMYTEE, aspirants for EKSUSU welfare director
PRESS: Good, sir what lure you into aspiring for the post of the welfare
TEMITOPE: Yeah its a really big decision before one can talk of aspiring for a post at the SUG level but I most really say I was lured out of full determination to serve the students, believing our union can be restored with it beauty and eksuites can be proud of their well being guaranteed
PRESS: Have you serve at any position before and what makes you think you have what it takes
TEMITOPE: I was the class governor for my set for 2 semesters making a while session before I saw the need for a reliable welfare director, I piloted the affairs of the class adequately, and being a manager of human, resources and people, managing the affairs of eksuites well being is achievable
PRESS: WOW, good one but what Actually do you have for Nigeria students
TEMITOPE : laughs, I have alot for eksuites, let me tell you something, we've suffered alot in eksu as students, our rights have been trampled on, things will change, I have guaranteed utmost welfarism, well being in all ramifications, others institutions are proud of their union, we can build our too, I believe it high time we students being the largest stakeholders in eksu, be part of decision making, they should not impose on us, with a resealable SUG president on sit and with the cooperation of other executive, EKSUSU is a collective effort, eksuites won't regret supporting and voting us
PRESS: what do you take to be the duties of a welfare director basically
TEMITOPE: a welfare director is a personnel who his duties are to ensure happiness, right, well being, safety, social security and overall well being of the people
PRESS: are you in any way having urge or affiliation to politics
TEMITOPE : I believe no leader will serve if he has affiliation with politics, a reasonable leader will stand for what belongs to his people, when a leaders is politically backed, he wont discharge his duties as expected, I love being a man of my word and I won't serve as a Barton or instrument to anyone who won't allow me serve Nigerian students
PRESS: have you faced any challenge in the process of aspiring?
PRESS: so why did you continue
TEMITOPE : Determination and the urge to serve keeps me going, when you have something to offer, all challenges will strengthen you, the success of a comrade is to over all challenges and make his people smile by serving, actually personally I hate seeing people cheated on, I hate people's right denied, so I see ensuring them to be fine as my responsibility
PRESS : wow, you're indeed capable like people have been saying
TEMITOPE : smile, It's a vision of the Lord, God supports competency, laughs
PRESS: what's your advice for Nigeria students
TEMITOPE: Eksuite should come out on the 11th, next week Thursday to vote ALADEDAHUNSI TEMITOPE EMMANUEL pka TEMMYTEE 4 the next eksu SUG welfare director

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  1. Enter your comment...nice one bro our incoming welfare director

  2. Nice one my incoming welfare director I am Ola Israel oluwadamilare PKA Ola Williams Jnr